Book of Psalms seem to encourage hatred

I’ve always been puzzled by statements in Psalms that seem to encourage hatred. Is this compatible with Christian love?

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

BRI Ethics Committee Releases Statements on Transgenderism

The BRI Ethics Committee has developed two opinions about issues related to transgender. One discusses sex-change surgery, the other one marriage of people who have undergone such a procedure. Suggestions are provided as to how to deal with these issues.

Can These Bones Live?

Could you explain why the Bible sometimes refers to bones as rejoicing”?

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez - Retired

Caring for Brothers and Sisters: Matthew 18:15-10

What does Matthew 18 teach us? Should a believer confront a fellow believer involved in some kind of sin?

Ekkehardt Mueller

Ceremonial Uncleanness and Contemporary Application

Do Old Testament personal uncleanness laws still apply today? And should a casket be brought into the Church for a funeral service?

Elias Brasil de Souza

Change of the Calendar

Did it interrupt the cycle of the Sabbath and Sunday or not? Letters from the London's Royal Observatory and the U. S. Government Naval Observatory in Washington address this question from astronomers' perspective.

Chicken Soup, Self-Organization and the Origin of Life: A Test

How can the origin of life be explained without a creator or intelligent designer? Is the spontaneous formation of a living cell under proper conditions inevitable?

L. James Gibson

Children and the Lord's Supper

n some of our churches unbaptized children are being allowed to participate in the ordinances of foot washing and the Lord’s Supper. Is this practice supported by the Bible?

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Christ as Monogenēs: Proper Translation and Theological Significance

Study of the use of the term Monogenēs as it applies to Christ.

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Christ at His Sanctuary

Introduction to the Adventist understanding of the sanctuary and its connection to Daniel.

Roy E. Gane